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3500 Series

The 3500 series blade by Degelman is the best blade you can get for the 40-150 horsepower range. We can say with confidence that this the most rugged blade you’ll find in this category. Designed for 40-150 horsepower 2WD tractors, skid steers, front-end-loaders and most front-wheel-assisted tractors, the 3500 series gives you the robust blade design Degelman is known for in a compact blade.

Benefit from 0° to 18° two-way hydraulic angling that allows you to choose any angle you want; our tool-less D-lock® Quick-Tach mounting system so one person can attach/detach the blade in minutes; double-skin construction and AR400 reversible skid shoes.

46/5700 Series

Available in 9ft, 10ft, 12ft & 14ft widths. (Note: Larger blade widths may not be compatible will all tractors). Compatible with all 2WD, front-wheel- assist tractors and wheel loaders. 18° two-way hydraulic angling on 2WD and front-wheel-assisted tractors. 23” hydraulic lifting height

5900 Series

If you’re running a modern two-wheel drive or a front-wheel-assisted tractor, we’ve got an industrial-strength blade made just for you. The 5900 comes out of the gate with 0° to 24° all-angle capabilities, 9° tilt and 28″ hydraulic lift. In addition, the 5900 has higher profile, D-lock® mid-mounting and industrial-strength AR400 skid shoes. Add to that, all the features that are Degelman standards-such as double-skin blade construction, Monarch manufactured cylinders and the toughest testing around-and you’ve got one robust blade

66/69/7200 Series

We have manufactured literally thousands of these blades and have never had one come back. If you want a proven blade for your high-horsepower, 4WD tractor, this is where your search ends. We have an arsenal of tilt, lift and hydraulic or manual angle options available, so you can choose what’s best for the jobs you do every day.

Regardless of what you select, each of these blades are backed by the Degelman quality standards we set for all our blades-from our industrial-strength cylinders, to the double-skin construction of the blades for extra toughness. Whatever choice you make, it’s a clear quality winner

7900 Series

The Degelman 7900 was developed specifically for producers moving silage, haylage and tackling the toughest snow removal jobs out there. Fully compatible with high horsepower four-wheel drive tractors, the 7900 has 40” lift and 6-way angling capabilities with full strength at all angles.

That means whether you’re at any angle you get the same industrial-sized strength that Degelman’s known for.


Degelman’s patented Speedblade™ is the perfect snow contractor tool. It’s designed so you can hydraulically open the blade to its maximum width for small and large snow drifts or fold the wings in to move and contain high volumes of snow.

It’s easy to transport without detaching the blade and highly maneuverable so that you can get in and out of tight spaces easily. It’s made to move volumes of snow quickly and effortlessly

38 Series Strongbox

Degelman Industries is proud to introduce the Strongbox®. Faster and efficient. This box blade is a simple, strong and effective tool for high volume snow removal and is so unique it has four patents behind the name.

Strongbox® is quickly and easily adaptable to all payloaders, backhoes, skid steers and most Ag tractors. No matter what you use to push snow, we guarantee a quality, secure fit-up.