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Landroller LRX

The LRX continues the Degelman tradition of building “Drop the Pin and Go” equipment. Once again, Degelman has raised the bar with the LRX Series. Our exclusive Hydraulic Power-fold System (HPS) makes the transition from road travel to field-working position effortless. No backing up, no driving forward. This is especially helpful when used in conjunction with other implements such as drills and planters

5 Plex Landroller 64/80

64 feet and 80 feet. Extreme Duty. No maintenance. These five-plex rollers contour like never before, allowing you to cover a lot of ground, worry-free. Degelman landrollers are some of the heaviest, most reliable available. Ideally used for peas, beans and lentils, they also prepare the perfect bed for haying, grasses and silage.

Tri-Plex Landroller 45/51

Degelman landrollers not only decrease downtime and fuel costs, they also provide optimal seed to soil contact while reducing weeds and moisture loss. Level land allows cutter bars to safely access the base of plants without the risk of rock ingestion. This allows for a faster, safer and easier harvest which ultimately translates to a increased yield on pulse crops such as beans and cereals.

Single Drum 20ft Landroller

The single drum landroller was specially designed for specialty crop producers who find our standard rollers too large for their farming operation. The single drum roller weighs approximately 7,840lbs and measures 20′ in working position. With hydraulic fold capabilities, it easily transforms to a narrow 8′ transport width, making this machine safe and simple to transport. It’s 36″ diameter drum incorporates the same heavy duty features as our Tri Plex rollers such as heavy duty cylinders, oversized shafts and long life bearings.